[ Important ] Responding to the feedbacks we have received

2023.01.24 19:15 2023.02.07 18:16

First of all, I would like to show our utmost gratitude to our users who enjoy Graffiti Racer.
I am Yamamoto, Director of the game.

We have carefully read your comments on the announcement. We are sincerely grateful for your enthusiasm towards the game and at the same time very sorry for your disappointment.

Based on the feedback we have received from you, we have discussed the issue again within our management team, and in addition to answering your questions, we would like to elaborate our direction for the future.

Let me start by explaining the background.

The reason for the decision to reduce the reward was based on the current situation where races that should have been held under fair conditions are being held under unfair conditions due to a bug.

At one point we considered canceling all races with DEP rewards, but in our previous announcement, we had reached the decision to hold ranking races with reduced rewards, in order to provide as much enjoyment as possible to our users.

However, we have taken the feedback we have received from our users very seriously and have decided to continue the Premium Ranking Race in the same form as before from February onwards, albeit only the Premium Ranking Race.

The schedule and rewards will be the same scale as originally planned for February.
Today, only the details of the February Premium Ranking Race will be announced, but the race will continue in March and April as well, and we will provide further information as soon as the details are finalized.

At the same time, however, the development team will be doing its utmost to improve the game by fixing bugs and updating the game.
Therefore, there may be system updates and modifications to character performance. We will inform you of the timing of updates and fixes as soon as they are confirmed and promise that they will not take place during the Premium Ranking Race. However we appreciate for you understanding that some modification might be implemented in the coming weeks.

In addition, due to intensified development, there may be delays in responding to user enquiries during the Premium Ranking Races period. We thank you for your patience and understanding of this situation.

We will also coordinate an AMA with urgency to provide a forum for us to speak to you directly.

Prior to the AMA, we would like to explain the situation and report some follow-ups, in response to the feedback we have received.


 1. What is the bug we found?

The issue in question is a flaw related to abilities.

The reason why we have not mentioned the details of this bug in depth in our recent announcement is that the full extent of the effect of this ability bug is not yet known.

However, we would like to provide you with the details of the issue as far as they are known at this time.

    – The Film’s ability randomisation is significantly different from what was originally intended.
    – The conditions for activating abilities when creating a character differ significantly from the original assumptions.
    – The conditions for granting abilities when a character is returned to Sheet are significantly different from the originally intended contents.
    – There is a possibility that some of the abilities are functioning in a state that differs from the original specifications.
     *It is possible that the above-mentioned situation may change through further investigations.

Even just from what is known from the current investigation, the scope of the problem is expected to be quite extensive, and the investigation is still ongoing at present.

As a director in charge, I would like to apologize deeply for the delay in identifying the occurrence of this issue.

 2. How will we fix this issue?

We are starting from the point of reviewing the state of the abilities, but we can’t say for sure, as we don’t know the full extent of what the bug affects.

We believe that simply fixing the abilities to the way they were originally intended in response to the bug would be like nerfing the game and would not be the ideal user experience that we, the management team, are aiming for. And it would also cause a lot of anguish to our customers.

For this reason, we are reviewing the abilities from a fundamental point in order to make them more meaningful and easier to understand and experience.

We are creating new specifications while going back to the basics to examine what kind of abilities the ‘character’ that is created by combining the ‘Sheet’ and ‘Film’ originally has, and in what form it can to provide a more enjoyable racing experience for the users.

 3. I don’t care about the UI/UX, I just want the system to be fixed.

From the perspective of reviewing the above-mentioned ability specifications, the management team believes that changes to the UI are essential.

Specifically, currently, the status and abilities are not on a single screen, making it impossible to check character performance at a glance.

Since abilities are also an important part of a character’s personality, we decided to revise this feature at the same time in order to make it easier for players to understand and prepare for a race challenge.

 4. February Event Schedule
The following is the schedule of Premium Ranking Races in February.

▼ Premium Ranking Race

Premium CUP -G2- “Feb”
●Race Period:Thursday, February 2, 23:00 – Sunday, February 5, 22:59 (UTC+8)
●Participation Condition:NFT Sheet with Rarity S, SS, SSS
●Rewards:The top 2,500 ranking participants can earn DEP

○ 1~10th: 41,441 DEP
○ 11~30th: 20,436 DEP
○ 31~50th: 14,192 DEP
○ 51~100th: 10,218 DEP
○ 101~200th: 5,109 DEP
○ 201~500th: 3,027 DEP
○ 501~1,000th: 1,930 DEP
○ 1001~2,500th: 1,116 DEP

Premium CUP -G3- “Feb”#1
●Race Period:Thursday, February 9, 23:00 – Sunday, February 12, 22:59 (UTC+8)
●Participation Condition:NFT Sheet with Rarity A, S, SS
●Rewards:The top 5,000 ranking participants can earn DEP

○ 1~10th: 11,580 DEP
○ 11~30th: 5,790 DEP
○ 31~50th: 3,973 DEP
○ 51~100th: 2,497 DEP
○ 101~200th: 1,362 DEP
○ 201~500th: 984 DEP
○ 501~1,000th: 681 DEP
○ 1001~2,500th: 393 DEP
○ 2501~5,000th: 188 DEP

Premium CUP -G1- “Feb”
●Race Period:Thursday, February 16, 23:00 – Sunday, February 19, 22:59 (UTC+8)
●Participation Condition:NFT Sheet with Rarity SS, SSS
●Rewards:The top 1,000 ranking participants can earn DEP

○ 1~10th: 212,544 DEP
○ 11~30th: 126,709 DEP
○ 31~50th: 85,835 DEP
○ 51~100th: 45,778 DEP
○ 101~200th: 16,349 DEP
○ 201~500th: 9,809 DEP
○ 501~1,000th: 6,212 DEP

Premium CUP -G3- “Feb” #2
●Race Period:Thursday, February 23, 23:00 – Sunday, February 26, 22:59 (UTC+8)
●Participation Conditions:NFT Sheet with Rarity A, S, SS
●Rewards:The top 5,000 ranking participants can earn DEP

○ 1~10th: 11,580 DEP
○ 11~30th: 5,790 DEP
○ 31~50th: 3,973 DEP
○ 51~100th: 2,497 DEP
○ 101~200th: 1,362 DEP
○ 201~500th: 984 DEP
○ 501~1,000th: 681 DEP
○ 1001~2,500th: 393 DEP
○ 2501~5,000th: 188 DEP


We realize that we have not been able to answer all of your questions and that we are not yet in a position to provide you with a satisfactory answer, but we hope that you will understand and that you can look forward to Ver 2.0 to come.

We will do our best to answer as many opinions and questions as possible at the AMA, which will be arranged in the nearest future, and we will keep you informed of updates on this matter in detail.

Again, the development team deeply regrets this situation, and we would like to answer your expectations with something even better as we take the time to fix the issue.

All of us are committed to making Graffiti Racer the best it can be, and we thank you for your continued support.

Graffiti Racer Director


* 【Important】Responding to the feedbacks we have received *