[ Important ] Notice from the game director

2023.01.23 19:00 2023.02.07 18:16

I’m Yamamoto, Game Director of Graffiti Racer, and we would like to make an important announcement.

We have found a bug in the game that is different from the specifications we had originally intended, and there is a risk that it could disrupt the game balance.

As many people have been playing since the start of the service, we are deeply sorry for the delay in discovering the problem.

The management team takes this situation very seriously and has decided to redevelop some of the systems, placing the highest priority on the correct operation of the game.

As a result, we will be making significant changes to the scheduled G1 to G3 Premium Ranking Races and Regular Ranking Races with DEAPcoin rewards, which will be held from February 1 to mid-May, 2023.

Specifically, the races where DEAPcoin can be earned will be held every weekend as “Pre-Ranking Race”.

The rewards for this race are as follows;

<Pre-Ranking Race>

Entry requirements: Characters created with NFT sheets.

1~10 1,275 DEP
11~30 637 DEP
31~50 437 DEP
51~100 275 DEP
101~200 150 DEP
201~500 108 DEP
501~1000 75 DEP
1001~2500 43 DEP
2501~5000 20 DEP

In addition to the above changes, the ranking races that reward Race Coins during this period will offer significantly more coins as rewards.
This will be very beneficial to the future gameplay.

Furthermore we promise to resume the Premium Ranking Races at the same reward level as the races held in January 2023 as soon as the redevelopment is completed.

We are also considering increasing the number of regular ranking races that reward DEAPcoins.

We are committed to making the game even better and easier for everyone to play during this development period.
This will include a major update ”Graffiti Racer Ver 2.0″ to the game itself in mid-May, which will significantly revamp the game.
Ver 2.0 will mainly revamp and add the following four items.
(*Please note that some of the implementation dates may vary.)

Bug fix, improvement to the game balance
<System renewal of faulty contents>
<Changes to coating/restoration specifications>
<Review of abilities>

Addition of the second set of NFT sheets, Fairy Tale pack (tentative name).
⇒The second sheet pack has a fairy-tail theme.
The character design has been completely renewed, and the SSS has been made to look as lively as a pop-up picture book.
Illustrations will be released periodically during the development period.

In-game UI/UX design improvements
⇒We will redesign the in-game UI/UX to make the game easier for everyone to play and understand.

Addition of new races
⇒We will add new races with new features that will make the game even more enjoyable.

More information on these details will be provided as soon as they are available.

Following this situation, we are considering granting special NFTs to all current players of the game as an apology.
We will also be conducting an AMA with users to report on the situation and the contents of the update in Ver 2.0.

We will make an announcement on the above as soon as the details are confirmed.

The entire staff will continue to focus on the development of the game to make it even better.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

Graffiti Racer Management Team

Pre-release of the second sheet pack character

* 【Important】Notice regarding the changes to the race format and major update (Ver 2.0) in response to a discovery of bug *