[Important] Actions taken against violations of the Terms of Use

2023.03.14 19:29

Thank you for playing our game.
We, the Graffiti Racer management team would like to inform you of the measures we are taking in response to breaches of our Terms of Use.

To maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all users, we will be taking appropriate actions such as freezing accounts and restricting gameplay when any of the following activities are detected:

-Playing the game using abnormal data.
-Participating in a race using fraudulent data.
-Emgagin in any behavior that disrupts gameplay, etc.

In order to ensure that all users can enjoy Graffiti Racer, we kindly ask you refrain from engaging in any of the actions prohibited in the Terms of Use or any similar activities.

Click here for “Terms of Use”

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support for Graffiti Racer.

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