Notice of end of maintenance

2023.03.13 21:00

Thank you for using our service.
This is the management team of “Graffiti Racer”.

We have performed maintenance on the following schedule.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

▼ Maintenance time ▼

  March 13th, 2023 (Monday) 17:00 – 21:00 (JST)


▼ Maintenance content ▼

  ■ Investigation/response regarding the following

    ● [ Premium CUP -G3- “Mar” #1 ] Bug related to some ranking aggregation.
     ※詳細はこちら→[IMPORTANT] Malfunction in some ranking tally/rewards distribution.

  ■ Other maintenance contents

    ● [Substitute run] Adjusted the content of the error dialog when the maximum number of sheets that can be lent to the same scalar has been reached.

Thank you for your continued support of “Graffiti Racer”.