Notice of end of maintenance

2023.01.12 18:00 2023.01.12 17:59

Thank you for using our service.
This is the management team of “Graffiti Racer”.

We have performed maintenance on the following schedule.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

▼ Maintenance time ▼

  January 12th, 2023 (Thursday) 11:00-18:00 (JST)

▼Main maintenance/update details▼

■ [ Substitute Run ] function open.

  We have released the function of [ Substitute Run ].
  With this function, it is possible to lend and borrow NFT sheets between users and share DEP rewards.
  Please use it as [Owner (renter)] and [Scholar (borrower)].

    *DEP rewards will be shared when rented NFT seats participate in ranking races and earn DEP rewards.
    *The rental will be done after the owner sets the distribution ratio of the DEP reward in advance.

    *For details, please refer to [Graffiti Racer] Scholarship “Substitute Run” Feature.

■ Changed the list display of sheets, films and characters to paging display

  Until now, only 300 sheets could be displayed on one page, but the display format has been changed to a page switching method with 30 sheets per page.
  You can switch pages with the [left button right button] located at the bottom of each page.
  *Refer to the red arrow in the image below for [left button right button].


▼Bug fix▼

■ [Trade_Sheet_Purchase] Bleed points for sheets in character state may not be displayed correctly.
  →Jan Bug notification

  *Regarding the initial bleed point of each seat*
    – Seat acquired from seat pack → 3000 points
    – Seat acquired from breed → 1500 points
    -The above is the maximum value of the bleed point, and the bleed point will not exceed this value.

■ Fixed other minor bugs

Fixed a bug related to some display

■ Fixed other bugs

Thank you for your continued support of “Graffiti Racer”.