(Nov 4th 22:30 JST Update) [Premium CUP -G3-] Notice of change in running conditions

2022.11.04 22:30 2022.11.04 22:51

Thank you for playing Graffiti Racer. This is the management team of Graffiti Racer.

We would like to inform you about the changes in the participation conditions for “Premium CUP -G3-“.

[Premium CUP -G3-] is a premium ranking race in which “NFT A ~ SS” can participate, but in the current “Premium CUP -G3-“, we have confirmed that “NFTs of all rarities can participate”.(Nov 4th 22:30 JST Update)

Therefore, regarding this “Premium CUP -G3-“, we will change the participation conditions and make it a premium ranking race in which “NFT of all rarities” can participate.(Nov 4th 22:30 JST Update)
* Due to changes in the participation conditions, it will be a [ranking race in which all characters created from NFT sheets can participate].

Please check the following for the event information of [Premium CUP -G3-], which is subject to the change of participation conditions.
“G3″Notice of Premium Ranking Race

Thank you for your continued support of “Graffiti Racer”.