June Ranking Race (Reward: DEAPcoin) Notice

2023.06.01 18:35 2023.06.01 19:03

Thank you for using our service.
This is the management team of “Graffiti Racer”.

We would like to inform you about the holding information of [Ranking Race with DEAPcoin set as reward] in June 2023.

Details are listed below, so please check the race period and conditions of participation before participating.


▼ Premium Ranking Race (details) ▼

Premium CUP -G3- “Jun” #1
●Race Period : Thursday, June 1, 23:00 – Sunday, June 4, 22:59 (UTC+8)
●Entry Requirement : NFT (Rarity A, S and SS) holders
●Main course placement items : Green Paint Slime, Purple Paint Slime
●Rewards : Top 5,000 ranking players will be awarded DEP.

○ 1~10th:11,580 DEP
○ 11~30th:5,790 DEP
○ 31~50th:3,973 DEP
○ 51~100th:2,497 DEP
○ 101~200th:1,362 DEP
○ 201~500th:984 DEP
○ 501~1,000th:681 DEP
○ 1,001~2,500th:393 DEP
○ 2,501~5,000th:188 DEP

Premium CUP -G1- “Jun”
●Race Period : Thursday, June 8, 23:00 – Sunday, June 11, 22:59 (UTC+8)
●Entry Requirement : NFT (Rarity SS and SSS) holders
●Main course placement items : Red Paint Slime, Blue Paint Slime
●Rewards : Top 1,000 ranking players will be awarded DEP.

○ 1~10th:212,544 DEP
○ 11~30th:126,709 DEP
○ 31~50th:85,835 DEP
○ 51~100th:45,778 DEP
○ 101~200th:16,349 DEP
○ 201~500th:9,809 DEP
○ 501~1,000th:6,212 DEP

*We will inform you of the race schedule separately.

■ Reward Distribution
DEP rewards will be distributed to players’ PlayMining wallets approximately one day after the end of each race based on the ranking results announced after the end of each ranking race period.
*The distribution date of DEP rewards may vary (it is not guaranteed that they will be distributed the day after the end of the race).


Thank you for your continued support of Graffiti Racer.