[ Premium CUP -G1- “May” ] Ranking tally result

2023.05.16 12:07

Dear users, thank you very much for participating in the ranking race.

We will publish the ranking results that have been compiled.

See below for details on rewards and rankings for this ranking race.

▼ Ranking Race (details)

Premium CUP -G1- “May”

●Race Period:Thursday, May 11, 23:00 – Sunday, May 14, 22:59 (UTC+8)
●Entry Requirement:NFT (Rarity SS and SSS) holders
●Main course placement items:Blue Paint Slime, Purple Paint Slime
●Rewards:Top 1,000 ranking players will be awarded DEP.

○ 1~10th:212,544 DEP
○ 11~30th:126,709 DEP
○ 31~50th:85,835 DEP
○ 51~100th:45,778 DEP
○ 101~200th:16,349 DEP
○ 201~500th:9,809 DEP
○ 501~1,000th:6,212 DEP

* All rewards for the following ranking races have been completed around 18:00 (JST) on Monday,May 15th, 2023.

▼ Ranking tally results


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