[ Premium CUP -G1- “Jan” ]Notice of holding

2023.01.18 22:16

Thank you for using our service.
This is the management team of “Graffiti Racer”.

The Premium Ranking Race [ Premium CUP -G1- “Jan” ] will finally be held from the schedule below!

It is a ranking race in which the top 1,000 people can earn [DEAPCoin]!
*To participate in the Premium Ranking Race, you will need an NFT sheet that meets the participation conditions.

Aim to get a higher score and get a lot of DeapCoin!

Premium CUP -G1- “Jan”

●Race period:Thursday, January 19, 23:00 – Sunday, January 22, 22:59 (UTC+8)
●Conditions for participation:NFT with rarity SS and SSS
●Reward details:Top 1,000 ranking players will be awarded DEP.

○ 1~10th:215,125DEP
○ 11~30th:129,075DEP
○ 31~50th:86,050DEP
○ 51~100th:48,188DEP
○ 101~200th:17,210DEP
○ 201~500th:10,326DEP
○ 501~1,000th:7,056DEP

■ Reward Distribution
DEP rewards will be distributed to players’ PlayMining wallets approximately one day after the end of each race based on the ranking results announced after the end of each ranking race period.
*The distribution date of DEP rewards may vary (it is not guaranteed that they will be distributed the day after the end of the race).