“Non-NFT”Rarity C

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“Rarity C / non-NFT” This is the breed lineup when combined.
■You can get 1 non-NFT sheet with 1 “Bleed”.

“Rarity A / non-NFT”

▼Probability 5%▼

Rarity non-NFT Sheet Attribute
A Car Red
A Sports car Green
A Campervan Blue
A Bus Yellow
A Taxi Purple
A Microcar Orange
A Chicken Red
A Fox Green
A Horse Blue
A Cheetah Yellow
A Robot I (Wheel type) Purple
A Robot II (Wheel type) Orange
A Robot III (Flying type) Red
A Robot IV (Spider type) Green
A Sea ​​Bream Blue
A Tuna Yellow
A Crab Purple
A Shrimp Orange


“Rarity B / non-NFT”

▼Probability 45%▼

Rarity non-NFT Sheet Attribute
B -Simple- Sports Car Red
B -Simple- Car Green
B -Simple- Bus Blue
B -Simple- Helicopter Yellow
B -Simple- Motorcycle Purple
B -Simple- Truck Orange
B -Simple- Police Car Red
B -Simple- Fire Engine Green
B -Simple- Ambulance Blue
B -Simple- Rabbit Yellow
B -Simple- Fox Purple
B -Simple- Squirrel Orange
B -Simple- Wild Boar Red
B -Simple- Horse Green
B -Simple- Dog Blue
B -Simple- Pig Yellow
B -Simple- Cow Purple
B -Simple- Sheep Orange
B -Simple- Chicken Red
B -Simple- Goat Green
B -Simple- Duck Blue
B -Simple- Robot I (Wheel type) Yellow
B -Simple- Robot II (Wheel type) Purple
B -Simple- Robot III (Wheel type) Orange
B -Simple- Robot IV (Flying type) Red
B -Simple- Sea ​​Bream Green
B -Simple- Dolphin Blue
B -Simple- Tuna Yellow
B -Simple- Sunfish Purple
B -Simple- Turtle Orange
B -Simple- Crab Red
B -Simple- Shrimp Green
B -Simple- Shark Blue
B -Simple- Octopus Yellow
B -Simple- Squid Purple
B -Simple- Jellyfish Orange


“Rarity C / non-NFT”

▼Probability 50%▼

Rarity non-NFT Sheet Attribute
C -Icon- Car Red
C -Icon- Dump Truck Green
C -Icon- Truck Blue
C -Icon- Tractor Yellow
C -Icon- Bus Purple
C -Icon- Helicopter Orange
C -Icon- Excavator Red
C -Icon- Forklift Green
C -Icon- Taxi Blue
C -Icon- Tuk Tuk Yellow
C -Icon- Ambulance Purple
C -Icon- Crane Truck Orange
C -Icon- Bulldozer Red
C -Icon- Train Green
C -Icon- Cat Blue
C -Icon- Dog Yellow
C -Icon- Rhinoceros Purple
C -Icon- Horse Orange
C -Icon- Elephant Red
C -Icon- Pig Green
C -Icon- Rabbit Blue
C -Icon- Bear Yellow
C -Icon- Camel Purple
C -Icon- Deer Orange
C -Icon- Robot I (Wheel type) Red
C -Icon- Robot II (Wheel type) Green
C -Icon- Robot III (Wheel type) Blue
C -Icon- Robot IV (Flying type) Yellow
C -Icon- Robot Ⅴ (Flying type) Purple
C -Icon- Robot VI (Flying type) Orange
C -Icon- Tropical Fish Red
C -Icon- Monkfish Green
C -Icon- Eel Blue
C -Icon- Shrimp Yellow
C -Icon- Crab Purple
C -Icon- Porcupinefish Orange
C Surappe Red