[ UPD Feb 22th 15:00 (JST)] Jan Bug notification

2023.02.22 15:02

Thank you for using our service.
This is the management team of “Graffiti Racer”.

We have currently confirmed the following issues.
*We will update this page with the progress of the issue as soon as possible.

▼ Issues and status of the fixes ▼

[ UPD Feb 22th 22:20 (JST) ]
■ [Specific browsers] We have confirmed that the following browsers do not complete communication processing when the race starts.

  **If more than 1 minute has passed since the start of communication, please try restarting your browser.

[ UPD Jan 31th 22:20 (JST) ]
■ [Important] Bugs related to abilities
     Currently, we have confirmed the following issues related to abilities.
     In addition, the details and status of the phenomenon may change due to future investigations.

    – The Film’s ability randomisation is significantly different from what was originally intended.
    – The conditions for activating abilities when creating a character differ significantly from the original assumptions.
    – The conditions for granting abilities when a character is returned to Sheet are significantly different from the originally
    – There is a possibility that some of the abilities are functioning in a state that differs from the original specifications.

     The scope of the impact is expected to be quite wide even with the bugs that have been identified in the current stage of the investigation, and we are still investigating.
     From the point of view that just fixing the ability to the original assumption will result in a “nerf”, we are not only fixing bugs, but we are also starting to review the way the ability should be.
     *In order to make the abilities more meaningful, easier to understand, and easier to experience, we are reviewing them from the ground up.

     We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to users.
     Regarding this matter, we kindly ask for your patience as we wait for the progress of the investigation/correction.

[ Important ] Responding to the feedbacks we have received

■[Certain device] The game cannot be started properly on certain devices.
  →We have confirmed this issue on the following devices and are investigating and correcting the issue.

  ●[iPhone devices] Unable to clear the tutorial.
  *We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you are using an iPhone device, please use a different device to clear the tutorial for the moment.

[ UPD Jan 19th 19:45 (JST) ]
■A bug where the drag operation on the touch panel in the PC environment could not be performed correctly.
  → We are currently investigating and correcting this issue.

▼Other issues ▼

*Regarding the initial bleed point of each seat*
    – Seat acquired from seat pack → 3000 points
    – Seat acquired from breed → 1500 points
    -The above is the maximum value of the bleed point, and the bleed point will not exceed this value.

*For other issues that have already been resolved, please check the past announcements.

Thank you for your continued support of Graffiti Racer.