What kind of game is Graffiti Racer?

This is a racing game where characters you color in compete for scores.

Can I play the game for free?

The game is free to play. However, you will need a crypto asset, DEAPcoin (DEP), to purchase NFTs, which provide various benefits in the game.

What is NFT?

NFT stands for "Non-Fungible Token". Graffiti Racer's NFT refers to "Sheet NFTs".

What is DEAPcoin?

It's a crypto asset used to trade NFTs in the "PlayMining NFT" or in the game.
There are three ways to obtain DEAPcoin (DEP).
1. Play the game *DEP will be rewarded when you clear certain conditions.
2. Purchase on the external crypto exchanges with which we are affiliated.
3. Purchase directly from PlayMining NFT with a credit card.

Is there an age restriction?

There is no age restriction.
However, some crypto exchanges may have their own age restrictions when trading crypto assets.

What is the system requirements?

System requirements:
[iOS] iPhone 7 or later and iOS 11 or later
[Android] Android 5.0 or later
Recommended browsers: Chrome, Safari
Network speed: 10Mbps or higher
*More than 2GB memory required for both iOS and Android
*Operation is not guaranteed for all models and browsers with the above conditions.
It may not work properly depending on the network environment, browser version and model specifications and application usage conditions."


How can I color?

If you select a number at the bottom of the screen, a pattern will form where the color will be applied. By selecting that spot, you can color it.

What do I need to start coloring?

You need a "sheet" in order to color. However, if you are creating a coloring sheet for a trade with another user, you can color without a "sheet"."Sheet" can be obtained by purchasing Sheet NFT package or collecting tickets obtained by logging in, etc.

What is the difference between an "Easy Coloring Mode" and an "Advanced Coloring Mode"?

"Easy Coloring Mode" is a mode in which you can color in with predetermined colors by simply clicking designated areas. In "Advanced Coloring Mode", you select the colors yourself and click designated areas. When you color in "Advanced Coloring Mode", you will create a film with higher parameters than in "Easy Coloring Mode".

What is a Film?

A film means the data that has been colored in based on a sheet.


How can I create a character?

A sheet and a film colored in based on the sheet are combined to form a character.

What is a parameter?

Parameter refers to the characteristics of the sheet or the character.
Rarity: C, B, A, S, SS, SSS Rarity in this order
Attributes: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Orange
When the color of the character matches with the color of objects in the race, it gives you an advantage in the race.
Level: A character's strength in stages
Stamina: A value required to use DASH, which allows rapid acceleration during a race.
Speed: Character's speed
Handling: A value required to change lanes during a race.

What is a skill?

Skills refer to special characteristics that can be used during a race.

What is an ability?

Abilities refer to special characteristics that are activated automatically.
They are effective during races, character enhancement and in many other situations.

What is a status point?

Status points can be allocated to Stamina, Speed and Handling as you level up.

What is the difference between a regular sheet and a premium sheet?

Premium sheets refer to sheet NFTs.
Regular sheets are sheets obtained in the game that are not NFTs.

What do I need for an enhancement?

Race coins are required to enhance your character.
Race coins can be obtained in the game.


How can I participate in a race?

To participate in races, you need to create a character.
To participate in ranking races, you will need to create a wallet.

What is the difference between a regular ranking race and a premium ranking race?

Regular ranking race is a race in which characters created with regular sheets can participate. Premium ranking race is a race in which characters created with premium sheets can participate. The prize money is higher in the premium ranking races.

I don't know how to operate the race.

To change lanes on the course, flick up and down on your smartphone. On a computer, you can use the mouse to drag up and down or use the W and S keys on the keyboard or the up and down cursor keys. DASH and skills are activated by clicking (tapping) on the desired button.

How can I get high scores?

Scores are earned by taking paint slimes on the course and passing checkpoints. Obtaining paint slimes with the same color attribute as the character will also increase the score earned.

After the race, the film peeled off from the character.

RP (race points) are consumed when participating in a race, and the film is removed when the points reach zero.

Can I increase the RP (race points)?

RP (race points) cannot be increased. However, you can participate in races without consuming RP by paying DEAPcoin (DEP).


How can I obtain DEAPcoin in the game?

The following are the ways to obtain DEAPcoin (DEP) in the game:
1. Win ranking races
2. Participate in the races as a substitute
3. Exibit films

What is a substitute run?

A substitute run is when you borrow a sheet from another player to create a character and participate in a race. You will earn DEAPcoin (DEP) when you fulfill the conditions of the substitute request based on the contract .

How can I exhibit my film?

After creating a wallet, you can exhibit your film by completing the coloring in the advanced coloring mode. You will earn DEAPcoin (DEP) when your film is purchased by another player.

How can I obtain a sheet?

1. Click "Get Sheets" and buy a pack or trade with a sheet ticket.
2. Click "Sheet Trading" and buy a sheet NFT in the PlayMining NFT
3. Use breed function
*You need two sheets with breed points to use this function.

What is a breeding?

Breeding is to acquire a new sheet from two sheets of the same rarity by spending breed points and DEAPcoin (DEP). The rarity of the sheets you can acquire may differ from the rarity of the selected sheet due to a probability draw.

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