Enthusiasm+ Creativity =Asset

"Enhancing People's Happiness",
Graffiti Racer gives shape to the simple but essential goal that all the
games and entertainment have been trying to achieve through a
brand new game experience.
While enjoying the game, you can ask others to help you with the parts
of the game you are not good at. Or you can offer the things you don't
find value in to those who appreciate them. In this way,
you can connect with the real world and help one another.
In the world of "Grafitti Racer" and "Web 3.0", this has become possible.
The first step is to press the start button. Enjoy the "coloring" and "racing"
thoroughly. You can then transform the enthusiasm you feel and the
creativity that only you possess into a sense of self-affirmation,
contribution to others and ultimately into a valuable asset.
This is the future we believe Web 3.0 and Play to Earn entail.


Transform your energy into

IKIGAI (Purpose in Life)

"Web 2.0" was the era of social networking services. The services on the Internet mainly satisfied users' desire for recognition. However, the coming "Web 3.0" and its destination, the "Metaverse," are different. While playing the game, you can feel that you are in the real world, earn money by doing so and support those in need. We define this as the "Desire for IKIGAI (Purpose in Life)" and advocate it beyond the boundaries between games and the real world, as well as country borders. It may be a bit too grandiose to describe, but there is no higher form of entertainment than the act of "helping others". The "Play to Earn" and "Scholarship" systems will surely have a great impact on society in the future.


"Coloring x Racing", brand-new

type of game, "Graffiti Racer"

"Graffiti Racer" is a new type of "coloring x racing" game in which players
compete using the characters they have colored in themselves.It is very easy to play.
With its intuitive gameplay, anyone can enjoy it.


How to Play

We will introduce the three key points of how to play: "Coloring", "Racing" and "Earning DEAPcoin". But these explanations are simplified, so if you're intrigued, let's get right to the game!


NFT Gallery

Introducing Graffiti Racer's sheet NFTs, from the latest ones to the rare ones that are only available for a limited time. Check out what kind of NFTs are available!


How to Purchase NFTs

Purchasing NFTs for the first time can be a daunting. But don't worry, if you follow the steps on this page, you will be able to create a wallet and account smoothly. Let's check these steps to get a head start.


Frequetly Asked Questions

"What is NFT anyway?" "How is DEAPcoin different to other coins?" "Can one really earn something?" If you have any questions from basic ones to difficults ones, check out this section.